Career Transition / Outplacement

PrimeStaff provides hands-on outplacement and career transition consulting services to clients on the management of individual, small to large-scale staff reduction rightsizing exercises. Our experienced team has assisted hundreds of clients and thousands of outplaced candidates from various industries, from banks and financial institutions to real estates, transportation, supply chain management, oil & gas, chemicals, FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, electronics, engineering, IT & Telecommunication, insurance, government and military organizations.

PrimeStaff’s outplacement and career transition services aim to partner:
 • employers to manage rightsizing and employees’ separation exercises with a ‘Zero Defects’ goal
 • departing employees to rebuild their careers and morale in the shortest possible time
 • remaining employees or “survivors” to understand, cope and manage the change to recover quickly from low morale and productivity

Benefits for our clients
Our time-tested approach will
 • reduce operational downtime, legal and financial risks
 • minimise the trauma and maximise the dignity of departing employees
 • regain morale and productivity in the shortest possible time of remaining staff
 • present an appropriate external perception of our client and its management by customers, the public, press and future employees

Benefits for separated employees
Our programme:
 • is a planned and systematic process
 • will assist the terminated employees through the trauma of job loss
 • will help employees to learn the “best ways” to find the most appropriate new jobs in the shortest possible time

Depending on client’s needs, PrimeStaff provide:
Individual one-on-one customised career transition program for executives at different levels can be designed for managers and executives faced with career and life preference decisions for their future. It enables candidates to take stock and review their options and refocus their careers.

Workshops for small or large groups,we provide career transition  workshop to enable participants to pick up practical and proven tips and learn about the best practices of getting the next right job in the shortest possible time. The workshop agenda is flexible and certain topics can be emphasised in accordance with the needs of the group. 

PrimeStaff Experienced Outplacement & Career Transition Consulting Team
Besides our team of full-time consultants, PrimeStaff has an experienced pool of Associate Consultants and Workshop Facilitators. Our Consultants have over 10 years of experience from a diverse range of industries and are able to provide our clients with an added perspective from their hands-on industry knowledge and experience.

To speak to our outplacement principal consultant to understand PrimeStaff’s full range of Outplacement Services, please call +65 6222 3310 ext 510 or email

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