“Next Career” – Career Transition for Retiring Uniformed Officers

At PrimeStaff, we truly understand the importance of finding you the right job. Our experienced consultants are ever ready to offer insightful advice and assistance to help realize your career transition potential.
Interested Officers will undergo our Career Transition Program, “Next Career” to help them transit and look for their next career.

Scope of Service
     Recharge your Resume with the assistance of our professional Career Coaches.
     Career Concierge through phone and/or email help desk.
     One on One Coaching from our pool of experienced consultants.
     Secure up to 3 Interviews through our extensive network of partners.
     Interview Preparation with pre interview and role playing.
     Post Interview Review to help you understand area of improvement
     Advice on Employment terms and conditions to secure the best deal.

Duration of Service
The Career Transition Service will stretch over six calendar weeks. In the event that the Officer is not able to secure employment in the first cycle, the Officer will decide if he wishes to continue into a second cycle of 6 calendar weeks as well.

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