Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business does not exist in isolation nor is it simply a way of making money. PrimeStaff believes in taking a responsible attitude and is passionate about the environment and supporting the underprivileged. We focus on two main areas:


PrimeStaff believes in supporting the underprivileged and promoting  the well-being of the children and youth, especially those who are neglected and abused.

Environmentally Responsible Operations

PrimeStaff also continues to maintain its carbon neutral status and commitment to being carbon responsible.

Projects we have implemented:

  1. Co-mingled recycling at our office – our target is to recycle 85% of all our office waste.
  2. Changed our printers to duplex printing, thus saving paper and reducing our carbon footprint.
  3. Reset all shut-down and sleep functions on our printers, thus saving energy.
  4. Usage of energy-efficient products that bear the ’Energy Star’ badge and multi-function devices.
  5. Invested in conferencing facilities that fully integrate audio, web and desktop video conferencing, thus reducing our business-related mileage.

We believe that we need to be responsible for the environment. This is the only way to reduce the threat of global warming and becoming a truly sustainable business.

Important Notice (click to view)

Please be aware that PrimeStaff DO NOT operate any branch in India. Any job offer from a “PRIME STAFF” in India has nothing to do with us.
Please also note that all legitimate emails from PrimeStaff will have “” as the email domain.
For example,

We want to reiterate that we DO NOT collect any fee from our applicants.