PrimeStaff Group was  incorporated in 1994 with the sole objective of providing quality services in recruitment and human resource management and development. Since then, the company has grown organically into  a specialist provider of permanent, contract, temporary and outsourced recruitment solutions. With over a decade of experience in Singapore, we operate across the public and private sectors, dealing from permanent positions, contract roles to temporary assignments.

Assisting jobseekers and employers, PrimeStaff’s regional expertise spans across the Asia Pacific region.

Our aim is to give employers quality staffing and individual candidates greater opportunities to succeed in their careers through a broad range of contacts and  value-added expertise.

We have succeeded in transforming a conventional business concept into one that embraces technology, without sacrificing that all-important  personal touch.

At PrimeStaff, we’re passionate about people.

PrimeStaff aims to be YOUR preferred human resource consultancy of choice, dedicated to successfully provide solutions to our clients’ search for quality staff and related human resource issues. We strive to be the platform for quality candidates to find challenging careers with good employers and serve as the catalyst for successful teams.

Building along the desire to provide our clients and candidates with the best support possible, our MISSION is to constantly strive to ’perfect’ our people, processes and practices so that our service delivery standard will consistently exceed your expectations. We desire to excel in every area for your benefit.

Our Corporate Identity

Our logo is in the form of a wordmark – one word, PrimeStaff with a capital P and a capital S.

The word ‘Prime’ is to emphasize on “exceptionally fine or good quality” – in this instance people/ employees of “exceptionally good quality”

The word ‘Staff’ refers to a group of people within an organisation.

Together ‘PrimeStaff’ means to have a group of exceptionally good quality people within an organization.  Within PrimeStaff we strive to continually engage and develop a group of exceptionally good quality staff and for all our valued clients we serve, the presentation and placement of exceptionally good quality people. This is the basis upon which we derived our vision to become The Preferred Human Resource Consultancy of choice.

The alphabet ‘i’ in the word Prime is actually the numeric number one ‘1’. The dot resembles a globe wherein people are found appearing in the font of one Chinese character ‘ren’ (人) reflecting the people aspect of the business we engage in.

The alphabet ‘t’ in the word ‘Staff’ resembles a Cross and is meant to remind ourselves of and reflects our Christian values in all our business dealings, practices and ethics.

Our corporate colours are purple and orange:

>> Purple denotes nobility. It is associated as well with royalty and spirituality

>> Orange denotes vibrancy. It is mentally stimulating as well as sociable. It can conjure up thoughts of good health. It is a colour that demands attention – and
     we want to get noticed without screaming!



Important Notice (click to view)

Please be aware that PrimeStaff DO NOT operate any branch in India. Any job offer from a “PRIME STAFF” in India has nothing to do with us.
Please also note that all legitimate emails from PrimeStaff will have “primestaff.com.sg” as the email domain.
For example, xxx@primestaff.com.sg.

We want to reiterate that we DO NOT collect any fee from our applicants.