Candidates’ Testimonials

“I am pleased to write this testimonial for the Consultant who helped me find a position in the cyber security industry. He was extremely professional and understood the specifics of the job I required. The position is very different from anything that I have done before, yet it fit my skill set and interests. He worked with me to make sure that the position was the right choice for me, and helped me to get a great salary and benefits package. I enjoyed working with him very much.”



“I am writing to express my gratitude to the PrimeStaff consultant who helped me successfully secure the role of Technical Consultant in an established corporation. I especially appreciated her fast response, transparent communication, and co-ordination in a timely and efficient manner.”



“I have worked with this PrimeStaff Consultant for more than 10 years and over the years, she has always shown strong dedication and commitment to her job. I appreciate her quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to every assignment. She is friendly, approachable, helpful and patient, and she demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work. When there are no placement services required, her frequent courtesy calls and follow-ups have maintained our close and long working relationship. She is a responsible consultant, often going the extra mile and rendering her services even after her office hours. Her personal touch has gained my trust and respect, and I always recommend her to other recruiters and job seekers within my personal contacts. We have transformed our business relationship into a friendship.”




The PrimeStaff recruiter helped me get a job within two weeks of my first meeting with him. He even provided me with resources that helped me gain greater insight into the field I wanted to go into. This prepared me well for the interview as it gave me a lot of knowledge about the job I was applying for. His commitment goes beyond the signing of the employment contract; his support and follow-up even after I was hired makes him unique. He even gave me his personal number, which made it easy for me to contact and communicate with him. I always make it a point to recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Security & Network Engineer, IT Firm



“When I decided to make a slight change in my career path I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of Headhunting / recruitment companies out there, how was I ever going to choose the right one to work with and what could they offer me.”

“A Senior Consultant contacted me directly after seeing a copy of my resume and quickly set up an initial interview. From the moment I spoke to the consultant, I knew that Prime Staff Management Services Pte Ltd was the agency for me. The consultant took an active interest in both me as a person and me as a candidate.”

“The consultant took me through an in depth interview to see if my skills would match up with what Shipping / Logistic required but more importantly which company in this sector I would be most suited to. She called me every day to ensure I was kept informed and what progress she was making. Very quickly she secured me with an interview and was on hand to guide and support me through. Further interviews were subsequently arranged and as ever she was supportive throughout the whole process.”

“Changing career paths can be daunting but at every stage the consultant was available to talk through any concerns I had and offer support when needed. She managed to match me to a position perfect not only for my career and ambitions but also my personality. I have no hesitation in recommending Prime Staff, to anyone looking for a new job opportunity.”

Senior Manager, HR Consulting




“This was the first time we dealt with PrimeStaff and found our experience with them was definitely an impressive and pleasant one. The Senior Consultant was resourceful, responsive and customer oriented. She has never failed to carry out her deliverables with such professionalism and enthusiasm.”

“Being a responsible and committed Senior Consultant she would always communicate effectively between us and suitable candidates. She is well known to go the extra mile in screening and selecting the candidates. She would even render services after her office hours. She has a charming personality and coupled with her intelligence makes her very effective and efficient Senior Consultant.”

“We will strongly recommend PrimeStaff to our counterparts and any business contacts with recruitment and human resources needs.”

General Manager, Manufacturing Plant




“I would like to write a personal note to thank the consultant for all the help that had rendered to me to secure my new job. A truly dedicated consultant, she has demonstrated professionalism, committment and excellent service. I truly appreciate the preparation work that she had gone through with me to ensure that I was ready. You have also responded to my phone call and email. Thank for once again and I look forward to working with PrimeStaff.”

Manager, Strategic Planning & Development




“The Consultant was meticulous in explaining the role to me which I felt was important to have that initial assessment. She was also prompt in checking with the client on my enquiries and showed lots of initiative in following up with me before and after each interview session. I didn’t have to second guess my status. I felt that she was genuinely interested in my career aspirations and I liked her sincerity and warmth throughout my job search.”

HRD Manager




“The Consultant is an approachable and committed individual. She is very customer-oriented and gives an amicable impression. I found it very easy to approach her and she was always willing to cheerfully attend to me, even after work hours. Her commitment in servicing her candidates is also commendable as she covers all the necessary bases and details required of her.”

Regional HR Analyst



“Please allow me to use one word to describe my opinion of PrimeStaff, which is outstanding. The PrimeStaff Consultants have provided the excellent professional end-to-end service in my job applicaton process with one MNC in Singapore. They have shown the great passion and patience, they always like to listen to the real voice of the candidate and provide as much feedback as possible to the candidate before & after each interview. I would strongly recommend potential candidates to look for such a passionate, knowledgeable and talented recruiter as PrimeStaff.”

Operation Manager

“Since my first contact with the Consultant, she has been very helpful and prompt in her follow up, providing me with the information I need, and also in preparing me for the interviews.  It has been a very pleasant experience working with her.  The personal touch she has was something that I would not expect from a recruitment consultant, but she has it all. She sounded equally excited when I was offered the job, not so much that she has closed the deal, but more so that she felt she had found a good match for both the company and the candidate.  On another occasion, I was invited to a teambuilding event before I joined service.  She actually remembered that, and sent me a text message on that day wishing me an enjoyable day, and even provided me some information on some of my future colleagues.  And of course, not forgetting the message I receive in the morning on my first day of work.  I think we have become friends from our initial business contact.

Since then, whenever I hear of friends or contacts looking for opportunity, the Consultant would come to my mind at first instance.  Definitely a good recruitment company that I would refer friends to!” 

Head Compensation




“On a more grateful note, thank you for all you’ve done; patience, keen follow-up and perseverance. Thank you for the placement and i wish you further success”

Regional Marketing Manager, Manufacturing




“The Consultant of PrimeStaff called me a couple of months back regarding a job opening in a premium Japanese company. I had never worked before in a Japanese company, but the Consultant was able to allay my fears, and assisted me in my 2 interviews with this company.

It was a job that I had longed for. The Consultant helped me at the very beginning to understand the culture of this company, and even visited me a month after I started work. I am very grateful to the Consultant and PrimeStaff for helping me secure this job.”

General Manager, Manufacturing




“The Consultant provided me with excellent service during and even after the recruitment process. Information the Consultant provided allow me to gain good understanding if the company they were representing is the right company for me. They are proactive to update me on the status in each recruitment stage. “After sales service” is really not something which I was expecting from the Consultant. It was very encouraging to receive a text message from the Consultant on my 1st day at work. Guess what, the 1st email that I received in my work account is from the Consultant which made me feel warm. The Consultant followed up closely with me to ensure that I enjoy my work in the new company. They have transformed our business relationship to a friendship.”

Regional Marketing Manager




“PrimeStaff played an instrumental role in helping me make the next leap in my career. They understood my needs and competencies and was able to pitch me for positions that could optimize my potential. Once interviews had been secured, they make every effort to coach you in preparation for the interview. In brief, PrimeStaff cares and does whatever it takes to position you for growth in your next assignment. My preferred Headhunter.”

Deputy General Manager, Investment, South India.




“The Consultant has been very professional in the course of recommending me a job. Her positive attitude and strong sense of commitment has exceeded my expectation of how a recruitment agency/consultant can deliver. While working with her on my case, the Consultant provided many valuable information which were very helpful eg: how the manager evaluates candidates, how his team will be involved and how the selection process will play out. Other agencies may have taken such for granted but she did not neglect the details. Her commitment in handling my case was clearly exhibited with prompt response and the constant updates. With so many recruitment agencies around, one will have to demonstrate that they can be trusted and respected, the Consultant has no doubt achieved this for PrimeStaff.”

Exchange Systems Engineer




“PrimeStaff is not your typical recruitment agency that purely acts as an intermediary between the candidate and hiring company. It has a great team that puts in tremendous effort to ensure that a candidate brings out his/her best in the interview process. I was confident and well-prepared in both my interview rounds and was successful in joining the company of my choice. Even after I started work, PrimeStaff followed up with calls to ensure that I was settling down well and I must say I was greatly impressed by their personal touch.”

Account Manager




“I cannot thank the Consultant enough for her professional and friendly assistance in finding my new job. The Consultant really made the effort to talk to me about what I really wanted for my new position and sent me the details of what I was looking for. Every phone call and email was returned promptly and the overall service was exceptional. Never have I been treated so well by an agency, I truly felt that I was the only candidate that the Consultant was dealing with, which is not something often said or associated when it comes to dealing with agencies.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Vietnam




“I will like to express my thanks to PrimeStaff and the Consultant specifically, in the successful placement of my current position. I am deeply impressed with the extended support accorded throughout the placement process. The Consultant’s professional conduct and dedication has surpassed my expectation, and it is an absolute pleasure working with PrimeStaff as a partner. I congratulate PrimeStaff for a job very well done.

Thank you once again, and I look forward to possible future collaboration opportunities with PrimeStaff and the Consultant in my new capacity.”

Manager IT Operations Asia Pacific




“Unlike other job agencies which I had been to, PrimeStaff is very efficient and provides excellent service. I am impressed with their professionalism, high service standards and responsiveness.

I would recommend PrimeStaff to anyone who is looking for a job.”

Senior Security Engineer




“It was a very pleasant experience to work with PrimeStaff. The Consultant is patient, friendly and a good listener. She demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work. She is also very pro-active in reaching out and is sincere towards people.

I am glad to have known her not just as a good business partner but a friend whom I can keep in contact always.”

HR & Staffing Specialist




“PrimeStaff consultant is one of the best recruiters I have ever encountered on my career journey. The interviewing process and handling the job seeker is really at good quality level. They follow up my case very fast and able to speed up my employment pass renewal. They really taking care of candidates well and I appreciate their communication skill. I give best recommendation for other candidates who want better opportunity in their job hunting. Best of luck for PrimeStaff! ”

Network Engineer




“The Consultant used her best endeavours at all times to perform her work conscientiously and expeditiously. She is an excellent consultant, extremely quick and meticulous in searching and matching the candidates profile with the clients.

The Consultant is very personable, friendly and sociable. In my opinion, she has the necessary character, dedication and approach to be a suitable Recruiting Manager or Headhunter.

In view of her dedication and ability I am confident that the Consultant will prove to be a valuable asset to any organization fortunate enough to employ her. It is with pleasure that 1 recommend her highly and without hesitation.”

Financial Controller




“I had a very pleasant working relation with PrimeStaff Management Services.  They were able to assist me in engaging with my potential company and address all enquires that was raise during the interview process.  Fast respond, swift decision and a dash of personal touch makes the interview process smooth and pleasant.  Definitely a company worth recommending.”

Security Consultant


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