Interview Preparation

Your job interview will probably be the first time you come face-to-face with your future employer. So it’s very important to make a good impression at this early stage. Whether you are interviewed by someone from the HR department or the managing director, make sure you look good, tell the interviewer what they want to hear and hopefully, land yourself the job.

Interview stress
Unfortunately, interviews are not that easy. For most people, they are a stressful experience, often dreaded for days leading – up to the meeting. Negative thoughts can overpower people, producing images of failure and even humiliation just to name a few.

Preparation is the key
If you’re prepared, your interview will be that much easier. Although this cannot guarantee you will get the job you want, but being prepared will increase your chances enormously and alleviate your stress levels.

Company research is essential to gain a broad understanding of the business you are seeking employment with. Every job, company and interviewer is different, so there are no clear rules on how much study is required. However, there is no doubt, that the more you know about a business, the better. Plus, your understanding of the company’s background will not only enhance your confidence, it will impress the interviewer.

Why should I bother to do any research?
At your job interview you may be asked what you know about the company. It is a very common interview question, which you should be able to answer in some detail.

By asking a simple question like this, the interviewer is assessing your ability to prepare for an event (in this case – your job interview). Background research requires motivation, time, planning and comprehension. Answering the question with a well researched answer will impress the interviewer and provide a level of your research skills and abilities.

Where can I find company information?
The best place to do your company research is on the Internet. If you are not on the Internet, your local library should have computers which are connected.  Perform a search on the company name and see what results you get.

Company history

>> Directors
>> Products
>> Business partners
>> Recent changes
>> News
>> Vacancies
>> Brochures
>> Awards
>> Future projects

If you are being interviewed for a relatively senior position your research should be broad enough to include other factors such as:

>> Corporate background
>> Current and target customers
>> Industry overview
>> Business market share
>> Competitors and competing products
>> Social / environmental responsibility
>> Stock prices
>> Financial information
>> Competitive advantages

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