Questions to Ask

Ask Relevant Questions

At the end of a job interview, it is common practice for the interviewer to ask you if you have any questions. To this question you must say “yes”, and ask appropriate questions which will impress your potential employer.

By asking relevant questions you are showing your employer you are confident, assertive and have an interest in the job.

• Why is this job available, did the last person holding this position leave or was promoted, or is this a new position?
• Can you elaborate on my day-to-day duties?
• Could you describe a typical day in this position?
• Could you describe the work environment here?
• Is there a career path with the company?
• How long has this position been available?
• What do you perceive as my most pressing task within this role?
• What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of this company?
• Can you elaborate on the people who I will be working with?
• What challenges may I face in this position?
• What initial duties will I be tasked with?
• I understand you have numerous competitors, how is this company advancing over the competition?
• Can you describe how my performance will be measured, and by whom?
• Which company issues do you feel have a priority?
• If I were to start this job, what would be my first task?
• What are the skills and abilities needed to succeed in this job?
• What are the most pressing goals of the department?
• How would you describe the companies’ strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors?
• How does this position impact on the companies’ overall productivity?
• Can you describe the management team?
• Do you have any reservations about my suitability for the job?
• What are your plans for growth?
• How would you describe the corporate culture here?

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