Employers’ Testimonials


“We are impressed with the PrimeStaff Consultant’s professionalism during the interview for the tender evaluation. It was a pleasure communicating with her as she is prompt in her follow-up and rendered the information timely as per our requests.

The PrimeStaff Consultant has shown great confidence in handling our account and has also offered useful recommendations on how PrimeStaff can add value in working closely with our admin support staff during the transition period.

We conducted reference checks with two of PrimeStaff’s clients and they were pleased with PrimeStaff’s service, particularly with regard to the prompt and efficient service rendered by this Consultant in the area of staff placement and payroll accuracy. It has been our pleasure and delight to work with this Consultant.”

Deputy HR Manager, Non-Profits Organisation



“The PrimeStaff Consultant who serviced our account deserves a special compliment and shout-out.

Having previously worked with multiple recruitment agencies and their staff, the PrimeStaff Consultant showed himself to be the most consistent, responsive and responsible of them all.

He is polite, hardworking, maintains good contact with his clients, and provides regular candidate recommendations. He follows through on all his tasks well, and is very quick in his responses and follow-up. He is able to maintain a sense of composure even during urgent matters and this gives me a sense of ease and confidence in working with him; I never had to worry whenever I have pending requests for him.

His level of professionalism goes above and beyond his role as a recruitment consultant and I regard him more like a trusty business partner. I want to thank this Consultant for everything he has done. He is a very valuable partner and Primestaff is indeed blessed to have him within its fold.”

Talent Acquisition Executive, Insurance Company



“PrimeStaff has provided monthly payroll processing services to us from 2013 to 2015. The staff assigned to handle our account was dedicated to our needs and requirements. They provided exceptional service and displayed in-depth knowledge pertaining to payroll and income tax matters.”

HR Director, Oil & Gas industry Company



“I really loved the selection of candidates that came to assist us. They did a great job and were great team players too! They took initiative in their jobs, which is a quality that is hard to come by. I thoroughly enjoyed having them around. Thank you for your good eye in selecting good quality candidates.”

Chief Finance Officer, Telecommunications Company



“The PrimeStaff Consultant took over this assignment from her colleague in October last year and she was quick to learn and take on the project within a month. Furthermore, the two on-site support that PrimeStaff had engaged for us had resigned, and the handover to the two new on-site support personnel was done smoothly due to the Consultant’s strong leadership and planning, as well as her efficient and excellent service. She also proposed many projects that led to significant improvements to our company’s processes, particularly in the areas of staff retention and annual leave control. We appreciate her hard work and efforts in the management of our staff for the past seven months.”

Human Resource Director, Electronic Industry Company



The consultant in charge and his team served us well in terms of their responsiveness, pro-activeness and promptness in tending to our recruitment needs. Their customer service has been great! In our business, the challenge is to ensure the timely hiring of a candidate who is the ‘right fit’ for the role – within the budget. We are satisfied with the close match of the referred candidates in accordance with our recruitment specifications. The level of commitment and professionalism of the consultant and his team in meeting our challenging requirements is commendable.

Human Resource Manager, Electronic Industry Company



I am glad to work with PrimeStaff as it is an experienced agency and capable of handling all the necessary aspects of the recruitment process. The Consultant’s professional approach, timely guidance and support made it much easier to obtain all the necessary documentation for our organisation and have it approved in a short time. I would also like to thank the Consultant for helping me find other services in Singapore for my relocation, as well as for other related services for our organisation in Singapore

Business and Logistics Manager, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Company



Thank you to the PrimeStaff Consultant for her relentless commitment to meeting our needs. I really appreciate her going the extra mile for us each time.

Marketing Manager, Healthcare Industry Company



I have worked with the PrimeStaff Consultant to search for various key finance positions for our company. This is the first time I’ve engaged PrimeStaff for detailed searches of this nature for numerous key positions while I have worked with several of your competitors in the past. The level of service I have received from the Consultant is of superior quality. She had successfully put forward viable and impressive candidates who are well-rounded and possess a good mix of technical and soft skills. While I may not have agreed with her selection criteria in its entirety, she was always able to provide good representations for her recommendations, which truly is the value-add that an executive search firm like PrimeStaff can provide. I feel compelled to articulate my feedback because as clients, we often only provide feedback when we are dissatisfied. In this case, it is completely the opposite scenario. I wish to congratulate the Consultant on a job well done.

Chief Financial Officer, Beauty Industry Company



I will like to take this opportunity to commend and thank the Consultants from Primestaff for their wonderful help and support in my career transition with a new organization. PrimeStaff Consultants are a true professional in this industry as they goes the extra mile to take a personal interest in me and my future. What I truly appreciate best about the Consultants are their attentiveness and readiness to help and reach out from any of my inquiries. I will definitely recommend Consultants as my favorite recruiter to any of my friends who are interested in looking for a new career. Thank you PrimeStaff.

Warehouse Manager, Beauty Industry Company



On a separate note, the consultants are simply superb in terms of their understanding of our company’s requirements, the dynamics, personality and profile that presents higher chance of success! Through several placements, I have came to trust their judgement and assessment of candidates a great deal. They are definitely a gem to PrimeStaff.

VP, Human Resources, Security Services Company



“The Consultant who handled my case was warm and approachable. Throughout the entire process, the consultant was very customer-oriented and I could genuinely feel that she was interested in my job aspirations. Not only was she able to communicate deeply with her candidates, her sincerity and patience simply moved me. She has an eye for detail and is meticulous when it comes to paperwork. Notably, she went a step further to share with me pertinent facts and excellent pointers on handling the interviews – for which I can never thank her enough. Her commitment is truly remarkable. Kudos to the management and team at Primestaff! “

Manager Planning, Airport Terminal Security Unit



“We have dealt with many search/recruitment agencies and found our experience with PrimeStaff was unexpectedly pleasant and rewarding one. The Consultants were prompt in responding to our recruitment needs. They quickly grasped our requirements and took the time to understand how we work as an organisation. The management of the candidate search and proposal process is excellent. They maintain timely communication with us and have been able to deliver good quality candidates for us and on-time.

In this increasingly competitive market, search/recruitment agencies need to empathise more with the requirements of the employing organisations. This should be prioritised over agency sales targets. We consider PrimeStaff a recruitment business partner, like an integral part of our organisation, as they are interested in wanting to help with our staffing problems rather than simply achieving sales targets. This sets them apart from their competitors.

We will be most willing to recommend PrimeStaff to our counterparts and any business contacts who may have recruitment needs.”

Property Investment Company



 “For our business, the challenge to have the right professionals on board, on time and within budget is critical to ensure business success. PrimesStaff listened to our brief, learned about us and consulted superbly. Your team of Consultants impressed us not only with the calibre of individuals presented but the fact they took the time to truly match each candidate with our hiring specifics.

I applaud Ronald for your leadership and being successful in instilling strong culture and good business practices and values in your people. Your positive attitude is both uplifting and infectious and I believe such attitude has enabled you to weather through the various economic ‘tsunamis’ over the past 17 yrs. You are modest about your business success and do not let complacency and pride get in your way which some business men do and sadly to their ‘demise’.

I wish you and PrimeStaff continual business success and will certainly keep you and PrimeStaff in mind when I have any other HR services requirements.”

HR Manager
F&B, Hospitality Industry



“When we hire a recruitment outsourcing partner, we look for commitment and efficiency. This is clearly seen in the team at PrimeStaff. Ronald’s team of recruitment consultants have been effective in their delivery and meeting my company’s hiring needs and expectations.  

I have known Ronald for some years and am impressed at how he has brought the company from a few men team to the current size. Ronald is one who does not allow external circumstances affecting the business landscape to put him down. He is able to respond well to such external changes with optimism and sound strategy. His strong business foresight helps him to anticipate the radically unexpected giving him the edge to proactively re-strategize to respond to the unexpected.

On a personal level Ronald is made of the highest ethical fibre I know and has a deep understanding of business “rhythms”. In sum Ronald is an excellent business partner and service provider with a passion for clear and practical approaches to meeting customer’s HR needs.”

Assistant HR Manager
Property Investment Company



“We started engaging PrimeStaff only recently starting in late 2009.  However the experience we had from the engagement far surpassed that of their competitors in the industry – this included the big names as well.  What made PrimeStaff stood out and be clearly differentiated from the others are as follows: 

  1. Integrity:  They were not willing to compromise on integrity.  Even when it meant that they would put themselves at a disadvantaged position, they would rather walk away from a deal that is questionable or would require them to compromise on their integrity. 
  2. Making money is not their priority:  PrimeStaff has demonstrated that they were willing to work with us despite knowing the tight budget constraint.  This was because PrimeStaff looks beyond the money they could make.  They were driven by their professionalism and passion to partner us in helping us to attract the best talents for the business.  They were not put off by the lack of money and lack of brand name.  True to their promise, they were able to help us comb the market and pick out some of the most rare and best talents in some of the toughest markets in the region.  The other vendors we approached were not willing to work with us without the huge budget.  We are extremely grateful to PrimeStaff for being a true partner in driving and building our company’s success in this region.
  3. Willing to be different:  PrimeStaff has been able to demonstrate that they are agile and adaptable, willing to adjust to suit the needs of the clients.  This proves that they are truly engaged with their client and sees themselves very much a part of the client’s team rather than just a 3rd party with no key stakeholder interest.  This is so rare in any typical vendor who sees themselves as purely a transactional relationship.  PrimeStaff in this respect is GENUINE.  It is nice to know that you are working with someone you can fully trust because you know they have your interest at heart and not just advising for the sake of closing a deal.  One classic example:  they were willing to work on a rather unconventional outsourcing model which no other vendor was willing to give it a try.  It only worked because of no. 5.
  4. Commitment, Commitment, Commitment:  I can state enough how committed the Deputy MD, their MD, Ronald, and the rest of the team members are.  Despite the challenges and the push back they receive from some of our internal employees, they have never wasted their energy on a witch hunt or to defend themselves.  Their typical response is to stay focused on delivering the results despite the adversities.  This attitude has won over many critics over time.  They did it with sincerity and utmost focus on delivering quality services.
  5. Openness, sincerity, transparency, high ethical standards, resilient.  These are all common feedback I have received from both my team as well as the other hiring managers from my company.  These set them apart easily from the other vendors.  They are also highly responsive and engaging making them highly effective even though they are located off site. “

Regional Vice President, HR, Asia Pacific
Well Established IT Vendor



“It is my pleasure writing in to commend two of your very outstanding Consultants. I have worked with PrimeStaff for a short span only and both individuals have surpassed my expectations! They exhibit drive, resourcefulness, are determined, yet not pushy. Both consultants are highly responsive and customer focused in understanding our role requirements succinctly. My internal key stakeholders have highlighted to me that they have been receiving high calibre CVs lately. The consultants’ resilience to work on highly specialised and niche roles also impresses me. It speaks volumes of the individuals, as well as, PrimeStaff’s commitments towards a holistic recruitment approach rather than focusing on quick-wins only which is obviously inherent in some other competing firms. It is indeed a win-win situation for us to collaborate with dedicated partners like PrimeStaff in achieving our recruitment goals.

Well done, PrimeStaff! Many thanks for your tireless efforts and looking forward to celebrate more successes with you!”

VP, Corporate Human Resources
Security Solutions Provider



“We have been working with PrimeStaff for the past few months and the consultants have been a joy to work with. They have been very dedicated and resourceful in finding the right candidates for our positions. Despite some challenging timelines and requirements, they have continued to provide us with candidates that meet the requirements. They have also been particularly helpful in screening candidates, coordinating interviews, communicating job offers and following up with reference checks. We are impressed with their level of service and high quality of delivery.”

Head of Talent Resourcing
Security Solutions Provider



“I’ll like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful support in 2011, especially in the area of the work pass applications on behalf of my organization.

Your good understanding of the foreign employment regulations, work pass application processes, pro-activeness and great follow-up skills have been an asset in our partnership! I just wanted to let you know that my new colleagues whom you’ve helped brought on board were very appreciative of your assistance too, and they too, send their regards.

Well done! Looking forward to more partnership opportunities in the coming year!.”

Regional HR Business Partner
Oil & Gas MNC



We contracted the services of PrimeStaff to assist in looking for a regional sales manager for the Southeast Asia Pacific market and within days, they provided the CVs of some very impressive candidates for our selection. Besides the usual services like following up after each interview and verifying certain information required, one could sense the passion of the consultants.

They added a personal element by being really keen in ensuring a good fit between the candidate and our organization through various conversations between both parties. Even after we have hired the sales manager, the consultant took time out to meet up with the candidate and myself to follow-up.

Once again, thank you for all the services rendered and I wish PrimeStaff much success with such wonderful staff in your team.

Marketing & Admin Manager, Southeast Asia, Australia Pacific
Aircraft Solutions MNC



PrimeStaff works hard to be an extension of our HR Department. We have a good partnership in recruitment. They are passionate about the company’s values and are able to represent us well.

Human Resources Manager
Global FMCG Brand MNC



It is my pleasure to have all 3 good staff serving our company. Due to our hectic and rush recruitment drive, the consultants at PrimeStaff did help me a lot during that period; giving me suitable candidates and helping me to close my recruitment target.

Without them, I would have not closed my target close to 30. I am very glad to have come across excellent and professional consultants.

I am looking forward to a great working relationship with them.

Global Insurance MNC



We have engaged the recruitment service of PrimeStaff recently and were pleasantly surprise by the excellent service provided. The consultant in charge has demonstrated a high level of commitment and professionalism in the way she supported us throughout the process. The swift and efficient manner by which they were able to meet more than our urgent requirements were praiseworthy and must be commended.

Financial Controller
Hotel Solutions MNC



The Consultant in charge has been responsible and committed in delivering quality staff quickly and professionally. We are extremely pleased with their overall level of services and will not hesitate to recommend the services to anyone with recruitment and human resources needs.

Human Resources Manager
Electronics MNC



“My company engaged PrimeStaff’s IT Sales team to help on a position that needed urgent fulfillment.

This would be our first engagement with PrimeStaff and we recognized their efficiency and effectiveness to deliver candidates that met all the requirements, within a short span of time. “

Channels Manager
Storage Management, Software Provider



“I have engaged with PrimeStaff for a number of roles for the organisation and have been impressed with the caliber of the candidates that they have provided.

In addition, their staff have always been responsive in terms of phone calls and emails and thus far it has been a delight to liaise with them. “

HR Business Partner for Asia Pacific
Medical Devices MNC



“With a dedicated team specializing in certain domain, PrimeStaff has been efficient and prompt in delivering profiles so that we might secure the right candidate.  The detailed write up about every candidate’s profile also proved consultants’ genuine effort to know every candidate even before presenting to clients.  Such presentation lends much ease to both HR and hiring managers… great effort noticed and very much appreciated! “

HR Manager
Oil & Gas MNC



“Consultants in Primestaff always go extra miles to deliver their fine work.  They listen and understand my job requirements and candidate specifications.  They never compromise between speed and their quality work. They value integrity and ethics. Because it is their business.”

Facilities Coordinator (Finance)
US Global Leader in Industrial  Automation



“Prime Satff is a professional organisation. The consultants listen and provide excellent service over a short period of time. They are good at monitoring and keep us posted on the suitable canidates as well as follow up progress.  They have a team of dedicated and professional consultants which are highly commendable.”

HR Executive
Leader in
Industrial Printing



“Primestaff has been a key recruiter and search agent, and they have consistently provided excellent service to the company. Their Sales personnel and subject matter experts know the employment market well and they are able to effectively source for good profiles suitable to the requirements of the organization. The people in Primestaff are always approachable and they definitely go the extra mile to ensure all our needs are fulfilled.”

HR Manager
World Leader in Transportation & Logistics Services


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