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PrimeStaff provides two options for you to own PRIME:HuRMan©. Any of the option will give you ownership to the manual.
For pricing or any other enquiries please call us at +65 6222 3310 or email us at

PDT Ownership_v3
For options A, if you want our Consultant to draft a policy which is not listed in Attachment 1, there will be an additional fee for each such policy developed. The fee will depend on the type of policy. And this is how we go about doing it.
1. PrimeStaff’s Consultant will be briefed by you of your needs for the policy
2. We offer our inputs and get your agreement
3. We draft the policy and present to you for your approval, allowing for up to two amendments

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Please be aware that PrimeStaff DO NOT operate any branch in India. Any job offer from a “PRIME STAFF” in India has nothing to do with us.
Please also note that all legitimate emails from PrimeStaff will have “” as the email domain.
For example,

We want to reiterate that we DO NOT collect any fee from our applicants.