(F) Annual Retainer


Some companies are comfortable with their in-house HR capability but may require advice of HR matters from time to time. On an Annual Retainer, they seek and receive advice from PrimeStaff on HR matters relating to the following:

   a. The local Labour Laws such as the Employment Act, Employment Regulations, Industrial Relations Act, Retirement & Re-Employment Act, etc
   b. Employee-Employer Relations; Contract of Service; Termination/Dismissal/Retirement, etc
   c. Employee Grievances
   d. Salary administration including salary structure, annual National Wages Council recommendations, Annual Wage Supplement, bonus, incentives, etc
   e. Terms and Conditions of Employment including work hours, overtime, paid leave, medical and health insurance, holidays, etc
   f. HR Structure & Processes Development
   g. HR Policies & Procedures Manual; HR Policies Employee Handbook
   h. Employee Training & Development; Career Development; Succession Planning
   i. Performance Management & Evaluation
   j. Recruitment, Conditions of Employment and Employment Procedures & Practices
   k. Attract, Engage, and Retain employees
   l. Employee Welfare

For more information please call +65 6222 3310 ext 510 or email us at hrc@primestaff.com.sg