HR Advisory


PrimeStaff will provide professional HR advice and guidance to SMEs on an on-demand or ad-hoc retainer arrangement.
Some of the services can include but not limited to the following:

Employment Act and Regulations (e.g. update on changes and provide advice on implications);

Employee communications (e.g. provide guidance and advice on effective handling of staff issues and complaints etc);

HR policies and processes (e.g. provide guidance and advice to improve existing HR policies, employment contracts, alternative compensation/ reward system such as stock options etc);

Organisation structure and processes (e.g. provide advice to improve organisation structure and staffing requirements, sharing of industry best practices to improve processes etc).

Access to and use of employment/ talent profiling tools

Any advice that requires meet-ups with our consultants and/or additional work to be done, our professional fee will be as follows (depending on the location).

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For more information, please contact us at 6222 3310 or email us at