Hr Personnel Policies And Procedures

To have business growth-with-profit, you need reliable employees (your leaders and staff) who must be highly motivated and driven by high morale in working together as a team. For this to happen, you need to develop and implement the proper HR strategies.

Having an HR Policies and Procedures Manual that lists all your organisation’s policies and procedures demonstrates transparency, credibility and integrity in your commitment to your employees. 

This document serves as a Contract of Service to your employees and it is not easy to develop a manual that is written in a formal yet user-friendly way. But it is important and worth the effort because such a manual helps to prevent people problems, as the terms and conditions of employment, rules and regulations, and employee benefits and welfare are clearly listed for the reference of all employees.

For the Heads of Department, the manual ensures the uniform application of HR policies across the board.

The manual is a prerequisite for the Employment Handbook, if you wish to have one later on. Not having one invites problems including complications with the law.

In Singapore, the local labour laws and regulations are regularly updated so your manual also needs to be correspondingly updated.

Developing the HR Policies and Procedures Manual and Employment Handbook can be a very confusing endeavour so the best way to customise one according to your organisation’s specific needs is to outsource these two documents to a professional HR Consultancy.

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