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Outsource your entire  HR Management functions or some of them to PrimeStaff.
So that you benefit from our HR Experience, on tap, in this win-win partnership. You focus on your core competency whilst we share ours – in HR Practices – with you.

Since 1994, Human Resource Management continues to be PrimeStaff’s core competency. Today, PrimeStaff is Singapore’s only full-fledged total human resource management consultancy.

PrimeStaff’s clients include:
Multi-national Corporations (MNCs)Statutory BoardsLocal EnterprisesSmall and Medium Enterprise (SMEs)
Government-linked companies – from the manufacturing, industrial services, financial services, administrative, distribution and marketing sectors.

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Employment Paid Leave and Public Holidays Learning Development
• Recruitment and Selection Process • Public Holidays • Employee Induction
• Hours of Work • Annual Leave • Employee Training and Development
• Probation • Sick Leave • Career Development
• Annual Performance Appraisal   (Non-hospitalization and Hospitalization) • Succession Planning
• Transfer • Compassionate Leave
• Retirement • Military Leave Performance Management and Evaluation
• Termination / Dismissal • Marriage Leave • Implement a system of people management
• Personnel Data and Information • Maternity Leave    through performance and performance appraisal
• Offer of Employment to Retirees • Paternity Leave • Annual Appraisal
• Promotion • Examination Leave
• On-boarding Process • Childcare Leave Code of Ethical behavior
• Personal Data Protection • Long Term illness Leave • Code of Conduct
• Adoption Leave • Confidentially of Information
Remuneration and Benefits • Extended Childcare Leave • Dress Code
• Salary Administration Inclusive • Infant Care Leave • Involvement in Additional Employment
• Shift Premium • Shared Parental Leave • Work-place Harassment
• Transport Subsidy / Allowance Reimbursement • Leave without Pay • Employee Movement
• Variable Performance Bonus • Absenteeism and Tardiness
• Normal Overtime Work Employee-Management Relations • Use and Abuse of E-mail Systems
• Work Done on an Off Day • The Grievance Procedure
• Work Done on a Public Holiday • Disciplinary Action Payroll 
• Work Done on a Rest Day • Employment Exit Procedure • One time Set up
• Acting Appointments / Allowances • Monthly Processing
• Claims for Expenses Employee Welfare • Year End Tax Return Processing (IR8A / IR8E)
• Annual Wage Supplement • Overseas Business Travel
• Festival Advance Salary • Long Service Award
• Retrenchment Benefits • Meal Subsidy
• Commission • Perfect Attendance Incentive
• Hand phone Subsidy
 Employee Health Benefits • Gifts of Joy / Condolence Gift
• Out-patient Medical Benefits • Flexible Work Arrangement
• In-patient Medical Benefits
• Group Personal Accident
• Work Injury Compensation Insurance
• Dental Benefits
• Annual Medical Check-up
• Group Term Life Insurance

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