Candidates’ Feedback

feedback from 1-on-1 individual senior management candidates

Thank you for the advice and consultation you’ve given me as part of my executive outplacement services. Since I have not been in the job market for over twenty years, I was not fully prepared to market myself. Your candid and supportive consultation has helped me to be confident that I will be able to find a rewarding new position. I appreciate how you adjusted your program to meet my needs and fit my schedule.” ….an American CEO of a power energy MNC


“just want to let you know, I have an offer from Samsung on the table ( just need to sign it , which will do), as Senior Manager Technical Support ASEAN. Many thanks to you, I would never even get near something like this without your help. I have learned many things from you.” … German Entrepreneur


“I must add that the marketing letter approach you introduced to me really helped. Generally I received more response to my job applications after I sent in the one-page marketing letter highlighting achievements as compared to previously, when I sent a detailed resume providing description of my work experience. The process of putting together the marketing letter also renewed my confidence when I came to realize that I really had contributed much more in my previous roles than I had thought I did. During the interview sessions, I was comfortable explaining all the good work I did as these were now all “fresh” in my mind (as if they only happened yesterday and not years ago). My sincere thanks, PrimeStaff HR Consultant.”

“PrimeStaff HR consultant is an astute business man. The resume is extremely important and the value is having your experienced eyes vet and polishing it into a powerful resume. Having the opportunity to discuss the interview questions with you was are real eye opener as it made me think of questions being asked and the type of responses required during interview.”…a Canadian regional marketing director of a medical equipment distributor


“Many thanks for all your guidance over the last few months. The single biggest thing I have learned is the power of networking.” …. A British Financial Analyst with a global bank


“I have very fond memories of you helping me through what now seems a part of modern day career management but at the time after 23 years with my head in the corporate sand seemed very daunting. You removed my blinkers and allowed me to look at myself and the world in a different way.”


feedback from group workshop participants

“… the workshop really help us in the future career, gain a lot of confidence in the coming and future employment”


“ ..a big thank you for equipping me with the knowledge and technical know-how helping me to remain employable walking down this rocky road call life employment..”


“ ..I found the career roadmap, visible and hidden job markets and selling yourself tips and techniques very relevant for people like us who need to look for jobs”


“… you really did a great job in this workshop. You have demonstrated skills and techniques to tackle common problems faced during interviews. I believed I will do a better interview after this session!”


“.. the program allows 2-way communication where information is shared openly between your Facilitator and Participants. I loved and enjoyed the interactive small group sessions.”


“… the sessions were useful as they provided more than what the stipulated course materials promised. They helped to inspire ‘out of the box’ ideas and suggestions/answers to solving and approaching problems through practical examples.”


“… thank you for the enlightening and helpful workshop. I found the techniques you showed me very applicable to real life situations here in Singapore. They are very practical indeed. I will put them into use and let you know the outcome.”


“… I have learnt many things from your sessions with the lively exchanges whereby we shared ideas and values. Your methodical, slow and patient build up was very enriching which one derives satisfaction, learn and connect one’s inner beliefs through such sessions.”

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