“Personally, I’ve learned a lot from you, and your honesty and sincerity in helping others to improve and upgrade themselves has no equal. Your support to the Corporation xxx Department in Asia Pacific Region has always been excellent, and I deeply thank you for that. I will miss your support, insights and pragmatic approach to work and also to life.” Regional Audit Manager


“You have put in extra efforts to help us towards our good Employee relations practices (including) admin reorganization ..hope that you will continue to use your mature experience and competencies should opportunities arise in the future.” President of a pharma manufacturing company Asia


“You played a critical role in the successful transition and resulting redeployment of personnel. I believe the massive change management process we initiated was unique in (co) at that time. Although we have had many imitators since J .. GM and Director of Finance


“Chairman and I would like to thank you for the excellent work that you have done for … The retrenchment exercise would not have been done so smoothly without your expertise and contributions. Your change workshop was most useful to our HODs…” Acting CEO of a non-profit organization


 “ …enjoy your sessions, interesting, very relevant, stimulating, well organized…..” A senior accountant


“I truly enjoyed our collaboration and valued the advice you have provided especially during what has been a difficult year …” Regional Shared Services Center manager


“I have certainly gained much wisdom from your wide perspectives …” A senior Executive in a government agency


“Thanks for the guidance given to me / us although is just a small project but I enjoyed and certainly without u we can’t spell SUCCESS in the … You are a Great Mentor..” Executive


“You have provided so many insights to managers over the years, and undoubtedly saved or improved many careers, and therefore, multiple lives. Your tireless efforts have had profound effects for many employees – often without their knowledge, I would guess.

Such zeal is not hemmed in or constrained by years, so it is completely consistent that that you are going to keep on doing something for others, somewhere, somehow.” Regional Corporate Medical Doctor.


“I think back to the fun we had flying the fast MIG through quite a bit of turbulence and coming out into clear smooth air the other side. I think you have left a great legacy, not least, the … awards which did a great thing in motivating the team and getting even more respect from line management” Asia Pacific HR Director


“You are certainly a silver gem and I am sure many more organisations and individuals will benefit from your experience.” Director of a not-for-profit organisation

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