HRM003 – Develop Your Company’s H.R. Policies And Procedures … Then Assemble Them Into A Manual

Free Post-course Consulting
For a period of four weeks after the course has ended, participants may contact PrimeStaff Consultants by telephone, during work hours, for advice on matters related to the course content – this serves as value-add service.

Whether a Company employs a few employees; or, several thousand, it “must-have” Human Resource Policies and Procedures firmly in place and in operation so as to prevent people problems and ensure productivity through highly motivated employees who in turn help the Company to achieve its corporate objectives. Compile all these policies and procedures in a HR Policies and Procedures Manual.

Some companies have an Employee Handbook and happily call this the HR Policies and Procedures Manual. The two documents are distinctly different. To believe that the Handbook is the Manual is to invite debilitating people problems for your Company.  They both constitute contracts of service with legal implications. This misunderstanding and a badly written document can lead the Company and employees to very serious adverse consequences.

Learning Objective 
On completing this learning, the participant will write (or re-write if the company already has one) the Company’s HR Policies and Procedures Manual, complete with process, procedures and forms, that will prevent people problems from breaking out. 

For Whom
Executives and Managers with responsibility for HR Management.

Training Date/Time: Friday 1 April 2016; 9AM – 5PM

Closing Date: 24 March 2016 

Venue: PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

Course Fee: $400 (plus GST), $320 (for subsequent participants from the same company)

You may claim up to 400% tax rebate or 60% cash back of the course fee under the PIC Scheme. For more information, please visit

Course Contents
• HR Management Policies –  Interactive
  – What is a policy?
  – What constitutes an effective HR policy?
  – Are there legal implications to each policy? – THERE ARE!

• How To Write Each HR Policy – Practice
  – Compile relevant information relating to the policy
  – Articulate the policy statement
  – Determine the content and terms and conditions
  – Check against related labour laws and their restrictions
  – Write the policy
   (Participants will actually draft several customised HR policies for immediate use in the Company)

• Develop The HR Policies And Procedures Manual – Practice
  – Write the Pre-amble
  – Assemble the content
  – Check for connectivity of the various policies
  – Include the protection clauses
  – Write the over-riding clause

• Developing The Staff Employment Handbook – Practice
  – Extract from the HR Policies and Procedures Manual
  – Write the document
    (Participants will actually begin to draft the Handbook for use in the Company)

• The Consequences Of A Bad HR Policy To The Company And Employees – Sharing And Cases
  – Morale issues
  – Legal implications

 • Pitfalls To Avoid – Advice And Sharing

Method of Learning
A highly participative workshop with a combination of lectures, group discussions, case analysis, practical work, and critique sessions.

Mr George Gaspar, PBM (Profile listed below)

7 contact hours

Programme Facilitator/ Course Leader
Certified Management Consultant (Fellow)

George is Fellow (Institute of Management Consultants) through IMC’s membership of the international Council of Management Consulting Institutes; such Certified Management Consultants have reciprocal recognition in USA, UK and other participating countries worldwide.

He holds academic and professional qualifications in Economics, Education and Management. He received his education, training and practice in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Throughout, his education was made possible either by bursary awards or scholarships including a British Commonwealth Scholarship to study in UK.

Previously George was at the Ministry of Education as Education Officer, Research Officer and Lecturer. He worked with the Technical Education Department of the Ministry which pioneered technical, vocational and industrial training for Singapore. Under a UNESCO programme, he was sent to Japan and Thailand to introduce programmed learning.

He worked with the private sector at ESSO and then Hewlett-Packard. For these Companies he emphasized the culture of attract, engage and retain reliable employees in preference to hire and fire.

He joined the HR Consultancy of Personnel & Organization Development (Pte) Ltd. (POD) in 1977. He worked his way from HR Consultant to being Adviser, Consultant, Mentor and Coach to countless Chief Executives and Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs of local and international companies in the area of Human Resource Management.

Consultancy and training work took him all over the world. So he brings to his consulting, seminars and training invaluable local and international experience contemporary with the times. With George’s extensive experience in Employee-Employer Relations, he helped clients resolve employee relations cases in Company, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Industrial Arbitration Court levels involving the Unions of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). His experience in employee relations covers not only training but also consulting and conciliation and arbitration.

In consultancy work, George got involved, several times over, in the following projects.
  – Compensation and Benefits, Survey and Development of structure – for local and expatriate staff
  – Climate Surveys / Organizational Health Surveys/ Employee Behavior Research
  – Organization Development / Change Management
  – Development of Corporate Mission, Corporate Vision, Corporate Objectives and Core Values
  – Company reorganization and re-engineering
  – Job Competency Framework
  – Industrial Relations including CA negotiations, Conciliation and Arbitration
  – Performance Management including installing the Performance System
  – Development and use of Psychometric Tests
  – Restructuring of local enterprises
  – Business Excellence Niche Standard (People)
  – Total Employee-Management System
  – Talent Management
  – Employee Training & Development

George holds membership in the American Management Association; British Institute of Management; American Society for Training and Development; Institute of Training and Development (UK); Society for Human Resource Management (USA); HRM Consultants Forum (USA), Singapore Human Resource Institute.

In 1982, George was awarded the PBM – Public Service Medal for community service, by the President of Singapore. He also held positions in Government feedback groups and social and community groups.

Among his long list of Clients are Multi-national Corporations, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises and Government Ministries and Statutory Boards and Agencies.
The business domains include – Banking and Finance; Insurance; Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Trading; Logistics; Retail, Sales & Marketing; Engineering; Information Technology; Mining; Services; Associations; Marine and Oilfield; Aerospace; Airlines; Education; Research; etc.

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