How do you get someone to work effectively if you do not set goals & key performance indicators (KPI) or tasks (for rank and file employees) with performance standards and deadlines so as to provide regular feedback and coaching and to evaluate performance or results?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the vital navigational instruments used by managers to understand whether their business is on a successful voyage or is it veering off the prosperous pathway.

The correct set of indicators will shed light on performance and highlight areas that may require attention. “What gets measured gets done, and if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!” In other words, without the right key performance indicators (KPIs), managers are as good as “blind”.

Learning Objectives

Course participants will learn to write and achieve joint agreement with employees on KPIs or SMART work goals and action plans together with performance standards and deadlines for implementation to enhance effective work performance.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
• Discuss and outline the principles of goal setting
• Develop appropriate approaches to setting goals and action plans
• Identify good results and evaluate performance to determine achievement levels
• Manage self-esteem and provide essential coaching to improve productivity
• Measure, manage and improve performance with the setting of key performance indicators (KPIs)
For Whom 
First-line Executives, Supervisors, Educators, Professional staff upward to Managers including Section, Department and Division Heads.

Training Date/Time: Friday 6 May 2016; 9AM – 5PM

Closing Date:  29 Apr 2016

Venue: PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

Course Fee: $350 (plus GST)/ $320 (Subsequent participants from the same company)
You may claim up to 400% tax rebate or 60% cash back of the course fee under the PIC Scheme. For more information, please visit
Facilitator: Mr Francis Soh (Profile listed below)

Course Contents
1. The Principles Of Goal Setting
• Setting goals & action plans to produce results
• The 5 Principles of Effective Goal Setting
• Setting Clear & Specific Goals
• Setting Challenging Goals
• Building Rational & Emotional Commitments
• Scheduling Regular Reviews to Keep on Track
• Manage Task Complexity by Chunking

2. The Approaches of Setting Goals And Action Plans
• The job description approach
• The critical incident approach
• The performance appraisal approach
• The problem-solving approach

3. Managing Performance To Ensure Success
• Fundamental Skills of Coaching
• Building Rapport for establishing Relationships
• Applying different levels of listening
• Asking the appropriate questions
• Giving supportive feedback & enhancing self-esteem

Measure Performance against Goals or KPIs
• Setting commonly used KPIs for Human Resource
• Why you use them, what they measure & when do you use them?
• How do you set targets for the KPI?
• Issues to consider & obstacles to avoid?

For Whom
Supervisors, Managers including Section and Department Heads who need to measure, manage & improve performance standards.

Method of Instruction
There will be interactive, participative and effective methods of action learning. Short lectures in between group discussions will provide the channel through which the course leader reinforces participants’ learning and shares experience. Practice, evaluation and critique sessions will be emphasized.

7 contact hours

Profile of Facilitator
Mr Francis Soh holds a Master of Science Degree in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde (UK), among other academic and professional qualifications in marketing management (CIM), marketing communications (CAM) and training management (ITD). He is also a Certified Manager & Assessor of the People Developer Quality Standard by the Singapore Civil Service College and the PSB Academy and an ACTA certified trainer & assessor. Mr Soh was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for outstanding performance in training & development by the Singapore Institute of Management concurrently with the Institute of Training & Development (UK) in 1990. He also received a 5-Year Long Service Teaching Award from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) in February 2002.

Mr Soh has about 15 years’ industry experience in retail merchandising and management, marketing communications, sales & marketing management and training & development management/consultancy. He also worked for more than 7 years in an academic position with a tertiary education institution in Singapore.

Mr Soh has conducted human resource & other supervisory/management training programs overseas (for example in the Middle East, Beijing, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar & Laos), and locally for business organizations ranging from small and medium enterprises to the Singapore Food Industries, NCS Computers, Tanglin Trust School, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Civil Service College, TME Systems Pte Ltd, Autotype International (Asia) Pte Ltd, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Valle Verde Pte Ltd, Trakindo Utama Services (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore Airlines Terminal Services (SATS), OTIS Elevator Company, Sandvik SEA Pte Ltd, EM Services Pte Ltd, Jurong Port Pte Ltd, PowerSeraya Ltd, Airfoil Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd, Estee Lauder Travel Retailing Inc, Swarovski Singapore Trading Pte Ltd, Shimano Singapore Pte Ltd, TNT Express Worldwide (S) Pte Ltd, Baker Hughes Inc, WEST Pharmaceutical Services Pte Ltd, Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

He is also an experienced consultant in the implementation of organizational service quality excellence, and one of his signature work was the “SMART! Service Excellence Program”, where he was contracted to deliver 26 runs at the Mount Alvernia Hospital, and where he has completed follow-up implementation consultancy services. He also conducted the Tourism Management & Marketing Course for the Integrated ASEAN Initiative (IAI) Training Program in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar in 2006. His most recent project is the involvement in providing human resources consultancy for the Solomon Islands Port Authority located in the Pacific Archipelago since 2013 till the present. Mr Soh has also recently conducted the International Business Trade Communication Program on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia between August 2014 & February 2015.
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