There is a general tendency for Supervisors to be nice to their subordinates even if the subordinates require to be disciplined. This programme shows employees in Leadership positions how to effectively and efficiently handle grievances and poor employee discipline and win over these errant, but valuable employees.

One can expect employees to have some gripes and grievances at the workplace. The company must provide a comfortable avenue for employees to seek attention and solutions to their grievances. The Manager/Supervisor should create an environment that allows a healthy discussion of grievances that leads to solutions.  Failure to do so could result in low morale, low motivation, productivity loss, and in some cases adverse labour-management relations.

In cases where disciplining an employee becomes necessary, consideration must be given to corrective disciplining first, before engaging in punitive disciplining. Managers and Supervisors must have the skills, tactics and strategies for disciplining and making behavioural modification in employees.

Ultimately, if separation becomes necessary, this too, must be correctly done.

Learning Objectives
On completing this learning, participants will effectively and efficiently resolve the next and subsequent grievance situations on a win-win basis. They will:
 • prevent as many grievances as possible from happening or re-happening;
• effectively handle grievances that happen and settle them amicably and quickly; and
• discipline employees who need to, through
    – counselling
    – coaching
    – disciplining
       * corrective
       * punitive

Course Contents
• Prevention Is Better Than Cure
    – Putting in place and in operation the process of work planning, implementation, feedback and improvement
    – Making transparent the code of conduct; work rules and regulations; the grievance procedure

• Gripes And Grievances
    – Sensing gripes and grievances
    – Grievance handling

• Disciplining – Corrective
    – The objective of disciplining
    – How to counsel
    – How to administer corrective disciplining
       * verbal warning
       * written warning
    – Follow up on the disciplining

• Disciplining – Punitive
    – Charging the employee
    – How to proceed with the inquiry
    – How to administer punitive disciplining
       * suspension
       * demotion
       * termination
       * dismissal
    – The difference between dismissal with notice and dismissal without notice
    – Some grounds for dismissal

• Others
    – The adverse consequences of unfair/wrongful disciplining on employee morale and motivation and productivity
    – Role-plays
    – Practical exercises and case studies in disciplining and inquiry
    – Critique sessions with case analysis and feedback

For Whom
Implementing good labour-management relations at work is a line function. Therefore, Line and Staff Managers, Educators, Supervisors, Professionals and Executives who have people reporting to them will benefit from this programme. This programme is also very suitable for the staff of the HR department or those who have to administer the employee relations process.

Training Date/Time: Friday 10 June 2016; 9AM – 5PM

Closing Date: 3 June 2016

Venue: PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

Course Fee: $380 (plus GST)/$350 (Subsequent participants from the same company)
You may claim up to 400% tax rebate or 60% cash back of the course fee under the PIC Scheme. For more information, please visit
Facilitator: Dr Chua Kok Seng (Profile listed below)

Method of Instruction
Highly participative – including inputs from course leader, sharing of experiences, video cases, real-life cases and role plays; critique sessions.

7 contact hours

Profile of Facilitator 
Dr SEBASTIAN CHUA: HR Consultant of PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd
• Assigned to develop and deliver HR solutions to clients in the areas of HR Management and HR Development
• Conducted research work in employee work behavior and employer expectations and home, school and community partnerships
• Doctor of Education, The University of Western Australia
• Master of Educational Management, The University of Western Australia
• Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Singapore
• Diploma in Education (Credit), Institute of Education
• Diploma in Public Relations (London Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
• Gold Medal Award in Diploma in Personnel Management, PSB Corporation
• Effectively bi-lingual in English and Chinese
Work Experience
• Employed by the Ministry of Education (Schools) for over 20 years from June 1990 to April 2007 and from Jan 2010 to May 2015 and received the Long Service Award
• Training Consultant and Lecturer, Adder Corp Pte Ltd (May 2007 to August 2008)
• Director, Global Educational (Asia) Pte Ltd (May 2008 to Dec 2009)
• Senior Manager (Academic Affairs), Management Development Institute of Singapore from October to December 2009
• Teacher at the Shanghai-Singapore International School in Shanghai in Theory of Knowledge and Business Management (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) from August 2008 to September 2009
• Appointed as Senior School Teacher Counsellor (University Guidance) in Shanghai Singapore
• International School from August 2008 to September 2009
Management Training/Development Experience
• Managed both large and small scale projects with Adder Corp Pte Ltd such as organisational development programmes like team building workshops as well as professional development programmes for educators as well as student leadership programmes and parenting workshops on parenting skills

• Conducted lectures on educational topics like child psychology and teaching pedagogy with various institutions of higher learning such as TESOL, Trinity College of Education as a Lecturer in

Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology and Diploma in Educational Psychology
Dr Chua Kok Seng obtained his Doctorate in Education from The University of Western Australia in 2008. He conducted a research on “Home, School and Community Partnerships in a government secondary school in Singapore.” He has also taught in various mainstream schools in Singapore, ranging from secondary schools to junior colleges for about 20 years. He has also taught Business Management and Theory of Knowledge in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in an international school in Shanghai, China and as worked as a Senior Manager in a private tertiary institution in Singapore.

Dr Chua also held many executive appointments in the Sengkang South Citizens Consultative Committee, and was the Chairman of its Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle and the Chief Editor of the Punggol South Newsletter.

Dr Chua has presented a number of parenting and assembly talks and workshops in various schools in Singapore in his capacity as a Business Consultant and Director of an Investment and Consulting company before his teaching stint in Shanghai, China.

• Pasir Ris Primary School
• Pasir Ris Secondary School
• CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary School
• CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary School
• Hua Min Primary School
• North Vista Secondary School
• Hougang Secondary School
• Chung Cheng High (Main) School
• Coral Secondary School
• Greendale Secondary School
• Associated Carriage and Warehousing Pte Ltd
• Nissei Hotel Group, Japan
• Shanghai GED Investment and Consulting Firm
Others/Awards and Citations
• Active in Community and Grassroots work and received the 20-year Long Service Award.
• Won contests in both English and Mandarin song competitions, to name a few, 1st runners-up, Civil Service Club Singing Star Competition, 15 Nov 2013 and National Grassroots Karaoke Championship, 1995 (2nd Runners-up) and also performed at the 2003 Global Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Forum at Neptune Theatre and Hard Rock Café (Cuscaden Road and Sentosa)
• Continues to sing for the under-privileged groups as part of his community and social work as a Pioneer Generation Ambassador
• Won Bronze Award (National QC Convention, 2000)
• Received a Citation in People’s Association Citizens’ newsletter (Dec 2000)
Appointments held include:
• Editor, Punggol South Community newsletter
• Editor, Pasir Ris Punggol Our Harmony Cookbook (2014)
• Chairman, Inter-Racial Confidence Circles
• Secretary, Citizens’ Consultative Committee
• Community Lead Champion
• Emcee Trainer and Debate Teacher-in-charge
• Emcee in SG50 National Day Observance Ceremony in Sengkang South
• Emcee in Edusave Awards Presentation Ceremony
• Commanding Officer in National Cadet Corps (Land)
• Flight Officer in National Cadet Corps (Air)
• Red Cross Officer
• Scouts Master
• Teacher in charge of Outreach, Career Guidance, Parent Support Group, Interact Club and Student Council (Service Learning Club)
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