Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership (MAS005)


Why are some managers more effective, more productive, gain more commitment from their subordinates and tend to achieve performance standards in excess of what were expected, than others? Over the past twenty years, many studies have been carried out to identify the traits, actions and activities of managers of the world’s most successful organisations. An effective leader puts his or her focus on the ACTIONS and BEHAVIOURS of subordinates and others. An effective leader is all about leadership values, behaviours and beliefs.

The underlying philosophy of this programme is to make supervisors/ managers be aware of, or rethink, or re-affirm the importance of their roles and how their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours impact the people of their organisation, division or department.

In the words of former America’s President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Leadership is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”

Learning Objective

On completing this learning, participants will lead their teams and guide the members toward achieving desired results in accordance with pre-determined performance standards.
Course Contents

• The Leadership Process
    – The hallmarks of leadership and how to develop these
    – Self assessment exercise to determine one’s present leadership level and leadership development plan

• Leadership Styles
    – The spectrum of leadership styles
    – Situational leadership
    – The leadership role

• Tactics And Strategies In Leading
    – Choosing the style of leadership for the situation – what will get the best morale, motivation and teamwork
    – How to make it work?

• Major Leadership Skills
    – Building and keeping the team
    – Motivating the team
    – Guiding and rewarding the team
    – Defining each team member’s strengths and their overlapping roles
    – Decision making
    – Information sharing
    – Communication

• The Characteristics Of A Leader
    – Key personal values
    – Strength of character
    – Aspirations
Training Date/Time: Friday, 13th March 2015; 9AM – 5PM
Venue: TBA
Duration: 7 contact hours
For Whom: Line and staff Managers, Supervisors, Executives and Professionals who need to lead.
Method of Instruction: I Short lectures, exchange of ideas with course leader through use of directed studies, case studies on the different leadership approaches, video tapes and role plays.
Course Fee: $350 (plus GST) per participant. Lunch, 2 tea breaks and seminar materials will be provided
Register online now! For more information, please contact 97225609 or email to desmond@primestaff.com.sg.
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