B1. Workplace Learning and Development

(a) In-House Courses (b) Public Courses


At PrimeStaff, we truly believe that the majority of the HR dilemmas happen because front-line supervisors and managers lack the ability to manage employees effectively, and with a win-win mindset. Supervisors may have the hard skills, but many lack the soft skills to successfully manage a team, or the leadership ability to motivate and direct employees to achieve department and organisational goals. Another common problem is that supervisors are so concerned with their own careers they neglect succession planning or upgrading the abilities of their subordinates.
The lack of people skills ultimately disrupts your Company’s long term success because your staff base becomes uncompetitive and unsustainable. To help your Company get in shape for success, we have the appropriate training courses for each situation:

•  Getting employees trained to be skilful and to have better work behaviour/attitude
•  Career planning and succession planning
•  Upgrading and promotion
•  Training management system

(a) In-House Courses

Refer to any of our listed courses or contact us for a non obligatory discussion to identify your challenges. We can customize and design a tailored course to answer all your training needs with no additional charges. List of Available Training Courses

(b) Public Courses

Our public training courses are situated in the heart of the CBD area, bringing convenience to our attendees. All of our classes are strategically capped at a maximum of 20 pax to ensure our participants have enough interaction opportunities to learn and raise questions. Upcoming Public Courses and Seminars

For more information please call +65 6222 3310 ext 510 or email us at hrc@primestaff.com.sg


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