At PrimeStaff, your business is our business.

When your business needs extend out of your key competencies, we will provide the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs.

At PrimeStaff, we understand that every core business is different. We offer fully scalable and customisable solutions to address your specific business and human resource needs.

Contract Staff Payrolling

Companies with an existing pool of previously identified Contract Workers under their payroll often find themselves bogged down with payroll and administrative responsibilities associated with the management of these Contract Workers.

At PrimeStaff, we offer the solution to ease your burden. Just outsource the payroll and benefits management of your Contract Workers to us.

Our cost-saving solutions:
>> We assume the role as legal employer for Contract Workers who were previously sourced and recruited by you on assignment at your premises

>> As their legal employer, we will assume the responsibility in the provision of insurance, worker’s compensation and administration of payroll, leave,
expense/claim and timesheets tracking for these Contract Workers

>> You enjoy convenience while saving considerable time, money and effort

Payroll Processing Service

Our Payroll Processing Service can take care of all aspects of your Payroll function. Our system caters also to electronic Leave and Claims management and administration.

Our value-added Payroll services will give you:

>> Reduced reliance on your payroll personnel that is here today and gone tomorrow

>> Time and cost savings on training and re-training

>> Peace of mind from the very confidential nature of information handled

>> Elimination of human error due to miscalculations and misspellings

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