Media Relations

PrimeStaff is regularly providing expert commentary to the media. News media representatives can reach a PrimeStaff’s spokesperson by email at or call (65) 6222 3310. We’ll be pleased to contribute facts, comments and articles.

30-November-18 The Business Times An inspiration for the journey ahead
25-September-17 The Business Times The elephant in the boardroom
18-September-17 The Business Times Bedrock of sustainable growth
4-September-17 The Business Times Scaling greater heights
28-August-17 The Business Times Will tax hit the sweet spot?
7-August-17 The Business Times Keeping a step ahead
31-July-17 The Business Times Up, up and away?
17-July-17 The Business Times Cash is no longer king
3-July-17 The Business Times Saluting the men in green
26-June-17 The Business Times Deciphering the FAANG phenomenon
12-June-17 The Business Times Coming to grips with the threat of terrorism
27-May-17 The Business Times ‘The core of all we do’
22-May-17 The Business Times Rooting for urban produce
6-Mar-17 The Business Times In the driver’s seat
27-Feb-17 The Business Times A delicate balancing act
7-Feb-17 Yahoo News Good data protection policies enhance trust in HR consultancy
6-Feb-17 The Business Times Sharing insights and influencing people
9-Jan-17 The Business Times Staying relevant
31-Oct-16 The Business Times Opportunities amid the downturn
24-Oct-16 The Business Times Ensuring the right products and options for patients
17-Oct-16 The Business Times A global pushback
10-Oct-16 The Business Times In the driver’s seat
03-Oct-16 The Business Times Lifestyle changes can make a big difference
26-Sept-16 The Business Times Bridging the trust gap
19-Sept-16 The Business Times This fight is everybody’s business
12-Sept-16 The Business Times Inspiration between the pages
31-Aug-16 PDPC Protecting Your Personal Data
29-Aug-16 The Business Times Keeping up with disruption
22-Aug-16 The Business Times Going for gold
15-Aug-16 The Business Times Keeping safe under the shadow of terrorism
8-Aug-16 The Business Times Smart Nation in the making
1-Aug-16 The Business Times Privatised service
11-July-16 The Business Times Doing the responsible thing
4-July-16 The Business Times Keep calm and carry on
27-Jun-16 The Business Times Welcome to the internet of money
6-Jun-16 The Business Times A patois paradox
30-May-16 The Business Times Opportunities in Russia
23-May-16 The Business Times Ushering in a new era
9-May-16 The Business Times Time to turn adversity into opportunity
2-May-16 The Business Times Man-machine team-up
25-Apr-16 The Business Times Cars and the city
18-Apr-16 The Business Times First, change human behaviour
12-Apr-16 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Employment Outlook Report Special 2016 Edition
11-Apr-16 The Business Times Defending against terrorism
4-Apr-16 The Business Times SMEs could benefit with more support
28-Mar-16 The Business Times Balancing corporate demands and fatherhood
21-Mar-16 The Business Times Budget wish list
23-Nov-15 The Business Times Heading towards a bright future
16-Nov-15 The Business Times Door to more China business
9-Nov-15 The Business Times Better health care for all
19-Oct-15 The Business Times Future-proofing Singapore
21-Sept-15 The Business Times Singapore after the GE
14-Sept-15 The Business Times Migrants crisis: playing a part
07-Sept-15 The Business Times Ups and downs
31-Aug-15 The Business Times PM’s speech: Key takeaways
28-Jul-15 Singapore Business Review The paradox of Singapore’s shrinking employment in a tight labour market
8-Jul-15 Recruitment International Singapore’s economy will continue to grow
30-Jun-15 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Employment Outlook Q3 2015
15-Jun-15 The Business Times While the sun shines
12-Jun-15 Singapore Business Review Hiring right in Singapore
15-Jun-15 The Business Times Fair wages
1-Jun-15 The Business Times Towards service par excellence
25-May-15 The Business Times Getting connected
11-May-15 The Business Times Staying ahead of the future
27-Apr-15 The Business Times Engaging stakeholders
20-Apr-15 The Business Times Tapping a new common market
16-Mar-15 The Business Times Fostering future growth
2-Mar-15 The Business Times Making Singapore future-ready
16-Feb-15 The Business Times Tweaks to CPF – more flexibility
9-Feb-15 The Business Times A timely cyber safeguard
2-Feb-15 The Business Times ECB’s QE – another challenge for Europe
26-Jan-15 The Business Times Busting graft: Tone from the top is key
19-Jan-15 The Business Times CEOs’ Budget wish-list
12-Jan-15 The Business Times Looking ahead
5-Jan-15 Singapore Business Review Losing talent? Maybe you’re a bad boss
24-Dec-14 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q1 Employment Outlook
10-Dec-14 Singapore Business Review Why more Singapore workplaces should practice job sculpting
26-Nov-14 PrimeStaff Article The Total, Employee-Management System
24-Nov-14 The Business Times Tackling errant retailers
19-Nov-14 Singapore Business Review How To Woo Singaporean talent
3-Nov-14 The Business Times A greasy road
27-Oct-14 The Business Times Keeping Ebola at bay
13-Oct-14 The Business Times Everyone must play a part
9-Oct-14 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q4 Employment Outlook
29-Sept-14 PrimeStaff Article Power up the performance of your workforce
8-Sept-14 The Business Times Delivering a unique travel experience
30-July-14 PrimeStaff Article Take charge of your destiny
22-July-14 Business Insider Having A Mid-Life Career Crisis? Here’s How You Make The Switch
3-July-14 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q3 Employment Outlook
24-Jun-14 Singapore Business Review When is it time to fire someone?
19-May-14 The Business Times Tapping into AEC’s free flow of resources
15-May-14 The Straits Times Dealers in hope
15-May-14 Singapore Business Review What Singaporeans need to know about Cultural Intelligence
14-May-14 The Straits Times Learn from the visionaries
12-May-14 The Business Times Gender diversity in the boardroom
05-May-14 The Business Times Enabling the disabled
21-Apr-14 The Business Times For the Jubilee baby
16-Apr-14 Singapore Business Review Lousy customer service: Who’s to blame?
14-Apr-14 The Business Times Raising service standards
3-Apr-14 Human Resources Singapore’s Hiring Prospects Are Still Looking Good
1-Apr-14 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q2 Employment Outlook
1-Apr-14 Singapore Business Review These sectors intend to go on a hiring spree in Q214
24-Mar-14 The Business Times Good corporate citizenship
17-Mar-14 The Business Times Old is gold
10-Mar-14 The Business Times Higher CPF rates for older workers: boon or bane?
3-Mar-14 The Business Times Something for everyone
24-Feb-14 The Business Times Honouring our pioneers
18-Feb-14 The Business Times Playing a part and standing together
14-Feb-14 Singapore Business Review HR after Anton Casey: Is a formal social media policy necessary?
10-Feb-14 The Business Times Looking 50 years ahead
2-Feb-14 The Business Times Betting on the winning Horse
28-Jan-14 Entrepreneurs’ Digest The business of people
20-Jan-14 The Business Times Time to relax property measures?
9-Jan-14 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q1 Employment Outlook
2-Dec-13 The Business Times The road ahead
18-Nov-13 The Business Times Wired on the web
11-Nov-13 The Business Times Gearing up for new challenges in 2014
29-Oct-13 Singapore Business Review 6 reasons why Singapore employees are leaving their bosses
29-Oct-13 The Straits Times Hiring trends to watch
28-Oct-13 The Business Times Making their voices heard
21-Oct-13 Singapore Business Review Singapore HR trends recruiters and job hunters should watch out in Q4
21-Oct-13 The Business Times Looking forward to next year
14-Oct-13 Insurance Insight Singapore’s recruitment challenge
7-Oct-13 The Business Times Getting hiring right
30-Sept-13 The Business Times These 3 sectors will be on a hiring spree in Q4
30-Sept-13 Entrepreneurs’ Digest Let Love Lead the Way
30-Sept-13 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q4 Employment Outlook
26-Sept-13 The Straits Times HR Director to CEO in 10 Steps: Part 2 of 2 – Go for business impact
25-Sept-13 The Straits Times HR Director to CEO in 10 Steps: Part 1 of 2 – Make it to the top
14-Sept-13 The Straits Times Market yourself
09-Sept-13 The Straits Times Clinch that job
21-Aug-13 Singapore Business Review Why ‘counteroffer’ is a dirty word in Singapore HR
06-Aug-13 The Straits Times Keep track of trends
05-Aug-13 The Straits Times On the job hunt
30-Jul-13 Singapore Business Review 3 awesome tips for Singapore job seekers to get hired ASAP
24-Jul-13 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q3 Employment Outlook
15-Apr-13 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q2 Employment Outlook
01-Apr-13 The Business Times A hub to bank on
25-Mar-13 The Business Times Home Truths
21-Mar-13 Singapore Business Review How the 5C’s of sports coaching will work well for your business
25-Feb-13 The Business Times The key challenges needed to be overcome in Singapore’s drive to raise productivity
25-Jan-13 Singapore Business Review 10 steps to be promoted from HR Director to CEO in Singapore
21-Jan-13 The Straits Times Banks hiring but only in some units
09-Jan-13 SME Magazine 2013 Q1 Employment Outlook for Singapore “Status Quo”
09-Jan-13 ChannelNewsAsia MNCs freeze hiring, but S’pore job market not badly hit: HR outlook
09-Jan-13 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q1 Employment Outlook
Dec-12 Entrepreneur’s Digest The power of personal branding
20-Dec-12 ChannelNewsAsia More employers offering work-life arrangements
17-Dec-12 ChannelNewsAsia Government can help in training of foreign workers: SNEF
13-Dec-12 ChannelNewsAsia More companies using ‘wow’ factor to attract and retain staff
03-Dec-12 The Business Times What does 2013 holds?
29-Nov-12 The Straits Times Recruit Advice for recruiters & Job-seekers
28-Nov-12 The Straits Times Recruit Who’s hiring?
26-Nov-12 The Business Times The Future of Manufacturing
29-Oct-12 The Business Times Values That Singapore Values
22-Oct-12 Singapore Business Review 10 Leadership Lessons From The World’s Top Visionaries
17-Oct-12 Human Resources Online Hiring Trends : Companies More Cautious In Q4
16-Oct-12 ChannelNewsAsia MNCs Expected To Be More Prudent In Hiring In Q4
16-Oct-12 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q4 Employment Outlook
15-Oct-12 The Business Times The Population Conundrum
10-Oct-12 Today’s Manager Healthy Corporate Culture Is Key To Key Organisational Excellence
08-Oct-12 The Business Times Labour Pains And Gains
29-Sep-12 The Straits Times How to Keep Employees Happily Engaged_ST Recruit
24-Sep-12 The Business Times Education For The Future
17-Sep-12 The Business Times Personal Devices In The Office
11-Sep-12 The Global Recruiter Why The Secret To Employee Retention Is Not Just About The Money
03-Sep-12 The Business Times Staying Nimble To Seize Opportunities
24-Aug-12 Singapore Business Review How To Lose Your Job To A Foreigner
20-Aug-12 The Business Times What We Want for Singapore
10-Aug-12 Singapore Business Review 7 Recruitment trends to watch out for in 3Q12
06-Aug-12 The Business Times Baby Blues
03-Aug-12 The Straits Times Successful Pairing
02-Aug-12 The Straits Times Mentoring new employees
25-Jul-12 The Business Times 13 SMEs honoured at Entrepreneur of the Year award 2012
23-Jul-12 The Business Times Bright spots to be found
19-Jul-12 Human Capital Change management in the workplace
16-Jul-12 The Business Times Social media and the CEO
14-Jul-12 Lianhe-Zaobao Q3 Employment Outlook 
13-Jul-12 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Q3 Employment Outlook 
10-Jul-12 The Straits Times Making it personal
02-Jul-12 The Business Times Weathering the euro storm
02-Jul-12 SME Singapore Edition How to keep employees happily engaged
27-Jun-12 The Straits Times Ambassadors of change
25-Jun-12 The Business Times Managing industrial property costs
11-Jun-12 The Business Times Catching them young
07-Jun-12 The Straits Times Managing diversity
25-May-12 Singapore Business Review Power of social media in recruitment/ retention
21-May-12 Business Times Linchpin of the System
16-May-12 The Global Recruiter Employees’ Loyalty
15-May-12 Business Times Successful mentoring reaps dividends
01-May-12 Lianhe ZaoBao Appearance & Job Prospects – Mandarin Article
30-Apr-12 Business Times Transforming our workforce
23-Apr-12 Business Times Addressing the economy’s twin problems
19-Apr-12 Singapore Business Review The road to the C-suite
09-Apr-12 Business Times Business for an Inclusive Singapore
02-Apr-12 Business Times When Business Backs Sports
29-Mar-12 Straits Times Recruit Build a strong employer Brand
26-Mar-12 Business Times Balancing Work and Life
19-Mar-12 Business Times Looking across the causeway
15-Mar-12 938 Live Foreign workers legislation and the employment market in Q2, 2012
12-Mar-12 Lianhe ZaoBao Mandarin Article
12-Mar-12 Business Times Finding and keeping talent
05-Mar-12 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Employment Outlook, Quarter 2, Year 2012 in English
05-Mar-12 PrimeStaff’s Press Release Employment Outlook, Quarter 2, Year 2012 in Mandarin
05-Mar-12 Channel News Asia Q2 employment outlook stable and positive
05-Mar-12 Business Times Able to work
27-Feb-12 Business Times Soft skills matter too
27-Feb-12 Business Times A Budget that tackles key business, S’porean concerns
20-Feb-12 Business Times The Euro challenge
13-Feb-12 Business Times Social Media
05-Feb-12 Human Resources Magazine Managing a diverse workforce
31-Jan-12 Channel News Asia Singapore’s jobless rate hits 14-year low in 2011
30-Jan-12 Business Times Budget hope and wishes
05-Jan-12 Entrepreneur Digest Enhance your employer branding
15-Dec-11 Channel News Asia Manufacturing and financial services sectors to see slower growth next year
30-Nov-11 The Straits Times Spot the fakes
28-Nov-11 Business Times Preparing for 2012
21-Nov-11 Business Times Towards freer trade
14-Nov-11 Business Times Towards age friendly workplaces
07-Nov-11 Business Times Tackling cyber fraud
31-Oct-11 Business Times The right markets
26-Oct-11 Channel News Asia Firms likely to retain foreign workers despite new salary criteria
24-Oct-11 Business Times Towards a better life for all
17-Oct-11 Business Times Tapping Chinese Enterprise
10-Oct-11 Business Times Investing in Growth
05-Oct-11 Liang He Zao Bao Mandarin Article
03-Oct-11 Business Times More Nights to remember
26-Sep-11 Business Times Protecting Personal Data
25-Sep-11 Shin Min Daily Mandarin Article
23-Sep-11 The Straits Times 10 ways to win your boss’s respect
19-Sep-11 Business Times Revisiting the Property Market
12-Sep-11 Business Times What have we learnt?
01-Sep-11 Shin Min Daily Mandarin Article
15-Aug-11 Shin Min Daily Mandarin Article
01-Aug-11 Shin Min Daily Mandarin Article
04-Jun-11 News 5 Tonight Huge wage growth this year?
13-Mar-11 Channel News Asia No significant impact from move to raise foreign workers’ qualifying salaries

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