Betting on the winning Horse

The Business Times
Published: 2nd Feb 2014

How do you think the Year of the Horse will turn out for your industry or profession? What do you wish most for your organisation, and for Singapore?

SINGAPORE turns 50 years old next year, so from a global perspective, the country is only in its adolescence. The growing pains have been felt in recent years as Singapore’s maturing economy and slowed growth brought about the need for economic restructuring and this, in turn, has led to social harmony coming under pressure. We are clearly still in a transition phase and I hope that the country can soon find a good equilibrium between healthy economic growth and maintaining a strong social fabric. It is thus my sincere wish that Singapore will prosper economically so that those living in the country will also find peace and prosperity in the Year of the Horse. As for my hopes for my industry, the tighter foreign worker policies has caused a major upheaval for many businesses but being in the search and recruitment industry, we stand to benefit from the resultant increased demand for Singaporeans and permanent resident workers. There will be growing demand for our staffing services this year. Generally, the Year of the Horse is said to bring luck and good tidings so I hope this year will be filled with abundance and blessings for all, with the economy racing ahead and individuals galloping ahead in their careers.
Ronald Lee
Managing Director
PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

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