Going for gold

The Business Times
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Published: 22 Aug 2016

What needs to change, or be done, for Singapore to produce more Olympic champions?

IT always starts with having the right paradigm in place. This extends from the government level in providing the supportive infrastructure to creating a social and cultural environment that is conducive to nurturing young athletes to, of course, parental expectations.

As a society, we are moving away from the traditional definitions of success centred on academic achievement and conventional career options. Times are indeed changing and paradigms are shifting but we still have a long way to go.

Schooling’s Olympic gold win is a major impetus to this end, and I believe now that there’s “proof” that such world acclaim is within reach, his victory is as much for Singapore as it is for our youth and future generation of sportspeople.

Ronald Lee
Managing Director
PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd