Playing a part and standing together

The Business Times
Published: 18th Feb 2014

Is the concept of Total Defence still relevant to a business organisation today?
How can businesses and corporates contribute towards national defence?

THE concept is certainly still relevant to business organisations as one of the five key components of Total Defence is economic defence.
There are many examples around the world where economic and political turmoil cause social discord in a country so we need to safeguard against this by ensuring our country’s good economic health.
The business community makes up a large pillar of society and businesses have a significant part to play in keeping the Singapore economy strong.
A solid economic foundation will provide Singapore’s citizens with good job opportunities and this will in turn help protect social harmony.
As citizens, we have a responsibility to seek the welfare of our country, for in Singapore’s welfare, we will find our welfare.
Of course, the economic race needs to be properly balanced with the other pillars of Total Defence, namely military, civil, social and psychological.
If not managed well, the push for economic competitiveness can easily create cracks in a small society like Singapore’s.
So perhaps the concept of Total Defence is even more relevant today as we find ourselves in the transitional phase of economic restructuring.

Ronald Lee
Managing Director
PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

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