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Published: 29 Sept 14
By George Gaspar, Certified Management Consultant (Fellow), PrimeStaff 


How do you expect to stay in business if you do not have a Total Performance Management System in place? How do you expect to attract, engage or retain talent if you don’t have a system that actively manages the performance of your people? How do you expect to attain and sustain GROWTH-with-PROFIT without such a system?

You are in business to earn profits and to grow your business. You need reliable or A-Type employees (leaders and staff/workers) to do that. Do you have them?

You have employees. But how many can you say are really reliable? A reliable employee is one who delivers, at least, commensurate with what he is being paid (in salary and benefits) for the work he has been hired to do. Here, we assume that you have hired employees with the potential to be reliable because if they did not have the potential to be your business-reliable employees, why would you have hired them in the first place?

Ask yourself now: are your current employees reliable? Are they the A-Type? Refer to the illustration below and consider which of your employees fall in each of the employee type categories: A, B, C, or D.










A-Type: These employees are able (talented) and performing, at least, to expectations. These are your reliable employees! Do you want to lose them? If they leave you for your competitors, do you realise how much you would have lost? What can you do to retain them and further increase their engagement?

B-Type: These employees are delivering satisfactory performance even though they lack in ability. Can you imagine the premium you get if the B-Type employee is work-enabled? What can you do to get them to be A-Type and to be engaged and remain with you?

C-Type: These employees (leaders and workers) turn in unsatisfactory work performance; they are not delivering the results expected of them. They are also lacking in ability (i.e. work knowledge, skills, and values). If your employees lack the ability to perform, you should enable them with work-relevant (must-have) training, coaching, mentoring, etc. But if the C-Type employee does not respond to enablement and is not being a contribution, do you still want to keep him in that job?

D-Type: These employees are able (talented) but are not contributing or delivering because they are not engaged. Do you want to get rid of such talent and have them join your competitors? Or do you want to find ways to engage them? Many D-Type employees have left one company to join another only to transform into an A-Type in the new company. What can you do to get them to be an A-Type and remain with you?


Total Performance Management System

You say that you want to do things right once and for all. You want to get on with the business of GROWTH-with-PROFIT. And you need reliable leaders and staff/workers immediately!

But how do you go about achieving this by way of a total and lasting solution?

The answer is to design, develop and install the TOTAL WORKPLACE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS). Get the guidance of a trusted HR Management Consultancy like PrimeStaff Management Services, and you can get a reliable system in place within a few weeks. You will be on your way to achieving GROWTH-with-PROFIT in no time!

Here’s what a reliable Total Performance Management System with appraisers competent in its use can do for your company:

  1. Achieve annual GROWTH-with-PROFIT™
  2. Attract, engage, and retain your reliable employees
  3. Invest meaningfully in staff development
  4. Reward good performance
  5. Be objective in performance evaluation using a valid and reliable system of performance planning and management (by leaders) and implementation (by staff/workers), and evaluation. Differentiate between your A-Type, B-Type, C-Type and D-Type employees for appropriate reward and remedial actions.

With a valid and reliable total performance management system in operation, you will be well supported and better able to achieve your business goals and plans – all the time!

Engage the expertise of PrimeStaff Management Services to help you implement your Total Performance Management System today. Call 6222 3310 for enquiries. 

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