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Published: 14th Apr 2014

How would you rate service standards in Singapore?
What can be done to raise the levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction?

SINGAPORE should be congratulated for having improved its customer service index score for 2013. It is definitely a huge milestone for us and we should continue to strive towards service excellence and raising the levels of customer satisfaction.
I believe that driving service excellence starts from the top of an organisation. The senior management needs to set the culture and cascade this to its employees. From recruiting talents with the right attitude, giving them the necessary infrastructure and support at work to improve their productivity and service delivery, equipping them with quality training, to recognising and rewarding them for delivering excellent service, these are just some examples how an organisation can raise the levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction.
At International SOS, part of our recruitment process is to identify talents who embrace our company values. We hire staff with not only the relevant expertise but who also, at the same time, show passion in their profession, and who can care for our clients and the company. For example, when we do at times make mistakes at work, we put even more effort into making sure we do not make the same mistake twice. Our focus is on fixing the one complaint we get rather than on celebrating the 20 compliments we receive.
The company also leverages on technology and automation. We have invested in a customised IT infrastructure and developed our own service provider platform. The platform is used at our Assistance Centres, aimed at delivering timely, quality service to our clients. Our employees are also equipped with regular training sessions, enabling them to continually upgrade and update their skills. Last but not least, being a company with a global footprint, we also share Singapore’s best practices on service excellence across the regions.
Ronald Lee
Managing Director
PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

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