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Published: 6 Feb 2017

How should leaders — political or business — employ social media as strategic tools?

Today’s political and business leaders need to be social media savvy, as influence is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage whether in public office or on an organisational level.

The key, however, lies in capitalising on the transformative power of social media while mitigating the risk of misuse or risk of committing a faux pas.

This power can be harnessed as a strategic tool to enhance the individual’s professional image and branding as well as engage in open dialogue with stakeholders, amongst others.

However, employing the use of social media is only worthwhile if the leaders in question have the capacity and resources to do it right and to do it well. There needs to be a strong content strategy in place. Which social platforms best suit the audience they are targeting? Do they have a pipeline of content to sustain interest and engagement in the long-run?

Many of the high profile leaders who are considered social media success stories often have professional teams behind them to provide support for the content creation, technical aspects and day-to-day upkeep of the accounts, as well as to respond to comments appropriately when necessary.

Ronald Lee
Managing Director
PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

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